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Dr. CHAN Chi Ming Victor    (陳志明博士)

B Econ, M Phil, PDGE, MA, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Social Science

Associate Master, Patrick SC Poon Amity College

Telephone:  39635108


    Dr. Victor Chan obtained his B. Econ. and M. Phil. (Politics and Public Administration) from the University of Hong Kong, PGDE (Economics) and MA (Anthropology) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and PhD (Asia Pacific Studies) from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan.

    Before joining the department, he taught courses in political science and public administration at the University of Macau and the Open University of Hong Kong. His research interests focus upon cross-border crisis management, heritage governance and diplomacy, East Asian culture, politics and international relations. His fields of teaching are mainly politics and public administration and East Asian culture.