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    Title Name Department Publication
    Dr ANG Eng Sui, Alvin (洪英瑞博士) Economics and Finance 0 Items »
    Dr AU YEUNG Ho Kong, Christopher (歐陽晧江博士) Social Science 0 Items »
    Prof BARNES Bradley Richard School of Business 105 Items »
    Dr BERGSTROM Bruce Erik Supply Chain and Information Management 1 Items »
    Dr BUI Hiu Yuet Gavin (貝曉越博士) English 23 Items »
    Prof CARVER Anne Rosamunde School of Translation 0 Items »
    Mr CHAN Chau (陳洲先生) Social Science 19 Items »
    Dr CHAN Chi Kit (陳智傑博士) School of Communication 35 Items »
    Dr CHAN Chi Kong (陳志江博士) Computing 4 Items »
    Dr CHAN Chi Ming Victor (陳志明博士) Social Science 6 Items »
    Mr CHAN Chi Yu (陳祉羽先生) School of Translation 0 Items »
    Ms CHAN Chiu Yuet (陳超越女士) English 0 Items »
    Dr CHAN Fong Yee (陳芳怡博士) Marketing 24 Items »
    Dr CHAN Hak Sin (陳克先博士) Marketing 0 Items »
    Mr CHAN Hung Fai (陳鴻輝先生) Marketing 2 Items »
    Mr CHAN Ka Fung (陳嘉峰先生) Accountancy 0 Items »
    Dr CHAN Kar Yan (陳嘉恩博士) School of Translation 14 Items »
    Ms CHAN Kit Shan (陳潔珊女士) Chinese 0 Items »
    Ms CHAN Oi Yan (陳藹欣女士) School of Communication 0 Items »
    Ms CHAN Pui Yee (陳佩儀女士) Management 0 Items »
    Dr CHAN Rami Hin Yeung (陳顯揚博士) Social Science 10 Items »
    Dr CHAN Tsz Him (陳子謙博士) Chinese 0 Items »
    Mr CHAN Wai Kit, Ken (陳偉傑先生) Economics and Finance 0 Items »
    Ms CHAN Wai Man Cynthia (陳慰敏女士) Chinese 1 Items »
    Dr CHAN Wing Chiu (陳榮照博士) Management 0 Items »
    Dr CHAN Wing Ho Michael (陳永浩博士) Social Science 34 Items »
    Mr CHANG Chi Keung, Kenneth (鄭志強先生) Accountancy 0 Items »
    Mr CHANG Chih Yu (張志宇先生) School of Communication 4 Items »
    Dr CHAU So Ling (周素玲博士) Management 25 Items »
    Dr CHAU Tsz Yan, Emily (鄒芷茵博士) Chinese 12 Items »